Vision and Values


Enabling opportunities for persons affected by leprosy, persons with disability, women /children and members from vulnerable and marginalized communities to lead  a better quality of Life


AIFO, India is a professional non-profit health and development organization that enables opportunities for persons affected by leprosy, persons with disability, women, children and members of poor and vulnerable backgrounds, through focussed healthcare, education and economic empowerment initiatives across India with the aim of providing a better quality of life and creating large scale positive change

Our Core values are built on expanding opportunities  creating an inclusive world where underserved populations such as people affected by leprosy, people with disability and women and children, enjoy equal rights and privileges.

Inclusiveness – We are committed to engaging, supporting and recognizing the values of all members of society, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, physical or mental ability, socio economic status and geography.

Integrity – We value transparency and accountability in all our professional work, with clear policies and procedures while displaying the utmost level of honesty in our financial dealings.

Effectiveness – We value efficiency and excellence in our work, constantly challenging ourselves to perform better, explore new opportunities and meet and exceed programme targets and to improve and deepen the impact of our interventions.

Innovation – We have been at the forefront of innovations to eliminate leprosy and disability, partnering with organizations that have shown commitment and dedication to using new and innovative methods of solving these challenges. We value creativity and inclusiveness in programme design and development.