Borgang Catholic Hospital

Borgang Catholic Hospital

Catholic Hospital Borgang is a 150 bedded multi specialty progress hospital situated in a rural underdeveloped area of North East India belonging to the Diocese Tezpur.It started as a 25 bedded hospital in 1969 in an old Tea garden club Building . The full pledged Hospital was Established In The Year 1978 since then Hospital is on developments and progress adding New departments and services .Now the hospital is well established with 150 beds having many specialties and it has got private partnership with National Health Programmes like R.N.T.C.P. ,N.R.H.M and N.A.C.O The mission statement of the hospital is to provide holistic care to all patients with special focus on the poor and the vulnerable by sharing the healing ministry of Jesus. Catholic Hospital Borgang is a charitable society registered under society Registration act 1860 and the register number is ……… It is also registered in the state having the license no. SHA /19 Dated 23/11/2001

Catholic Hospital Borgang is the brainchild of Archbishop Mittathany, then bishop of Tezpur. But hospital is so much indebted to Rev. fr. Cherian Moolamattom the founder and director Of catholic Hospital. He has spent sleepless nights in planning, building and its constant growth. He had been benefited from many genuine generous people for the construction and upgrading of the hospital which was felt need of the people.

This full pledged hospital was established in the year 1978 in view of catering, health care to the poor rural masses that had to solely depend on the government hospitals which lacked modern equipments and infrastructure and who are unable to get treatment from sophisticated co-operated hospitals. It may be the only full pledged hospital in Assam set up in rural area. Apart from the hospital services hospital imparts in National health programmes like N.R.H.M, JSY, NACO, N.L.E.P and RNTCP to promote the community health. Hospital also gives nursing education Both G.N.M and A.N.M. The administration of both the hospital and the Nursing school are effectively carried out by the dedicated Sacred Heart sisters

Hospital Administration

The diocese of Tezpur, the legal owner of catholic hospital borgang and its apex body is the governing body to manage the affairs of the hospital with Bishop of Tezpur and its Apex body is the governing body to make the major decision of the Hospital with Bishop Of Tezpur and Director as president and secretary respectively Currently The administration is guided and Assisted by general body. Its administration and daily activities Are carried out by sisters of the Sacred Heart congregation.

These Dedicated nuns and d staffs Other believes that health, happiness and wellbeing flow from the Lord Jesus Christ and greater Strength is vested in Him than in the modern techniques and even the most dangerous germs become ineffective in the rays of Divine mercy The hospital always upholds its objectives and philosophy, That is to provide, competent medical and nursing care in loving Service to all with dedication, co-operation and , commitment, to provide courteous, timely, accurate, cost effective and efficient Services through personnel, in a highly professional manner adhering to the standard procedures, ensuring quality care .

This is because of the coherent and selfless effort of the medical fraternity with its leadership of Dr.M.Brahma M.S.Medical Superintendent and nursing, paramedical and other staff of the hospital. In order to ensure quality care to our patients ,, we recruit persons with skill and commitment and quality give opportunity to train them, and give opportunities to create a culture of growth and satisfaction .To ensure safe practice and best quality care periodic evaluation is done periodically

Number of Beds 150
Established as Primary Health centre 1969
Established as a Hospital 1978
Motto Love and Care
Staff number 160

Hospital President          Director of the Hospital          Hosp. Administrator            Med. Superintendent

Rev.Michael Akasius D.D     Fr. Cherian Moolamattom         Sr.Ancy George S.H                      Dr. M.S. Brahma, M.S
Bishop Of Tezpur                                                                      Phone-9435183354

Mission Statement

The foundation of service is to promote the presence of the living God within our lives. The same living God is encountered in the patients to promote life to the full and share in the healing ministry of Christ through provision of preventive and curative care services that are based on holistic approach that affirms the human dignity, love and respect for human life.

Our Philosophy

We, the Governing body and the authorities of the hospital firmly believe that

  • Every person is unique created in the image of God with intrinsic value.
  • Life should be respected and every child has right to be born to live happily.
  • Provide competent medical and nursing care with holistic approach coupled with dedication. Commitment and co-operation.
  • Health, happiness and well being flow from the Lord Jesus Christ and greater strength is vested in Him than in the modern techniques, and even the most dangerous germs become ineffective in the rays of divine mercy.

Goal & Objectives

The aim or goal of our healing ministry is to provide holistic care to all patients irrespective of caste, creed and religion with a special focus on the poor and vulnerable by sharing the healing ministry of Jesus

  • To assist in restoring life I accordance with medical ethics and teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • To provide courteous, timely, accurate, cost-effective and efficient medical care through its dedicated personnel, in a highly professional manner, adhering to the standard procedure, ensuring quality care.
  • To extend special care and love to all the terminally ill patients. Thus we assist them to die with dignity by developing a positive attitude towards the reality to death in the hope of resurrection.
  • To provide training for nurses, paramedical and community health workers.
  • to work in collaboration with other health care agencies, b both voluntary and Government sectors.
  • To upgrade selectively the techniques and procedures, keeping pace with the advancement in the field of health care.

·         To undertake periodic evaluation of our health programmes so as to ensure best quality care.

Quality Policy

Catholic Hospital Borgang is committed to provide Holistic treatment to all patients with a special focus on the poor and the vulnerable by sharing the healing ministry of Jesus.
All our services to the patients shall be courteous, timely accurate and cost effective, compassionate and confidential.

Quality Objectives

  • Timely: All consultations, treatment and services shall be timely.
  • Accurate: All procedures, services and treatment shall be accurate
  • Cost effective; the medical treatment given, tests ordered, procedures and services shall be appropriate and cost effective
  • Professional; – All interaction with patients and all procedures done shall be in a highly professional manner, adhering to standard procedures ensuring quality care .
  • Comfortable. All procedures done, services rendered and and the patients stay in the hospital shall be safe, clean and comfortable.
  • Informative.- Patients and relatives shall be informed regarding the disease ,the conditions of the patient ,the treatment plan and cost associated 7 other necessary details.
  • Poor & Vulnerable. The poor shall be given discount based on the need vulnerable patients shall be treated with utmost conce

Investigation Facility

The Hospital offers the following Investigation Facility

  • Laboratory with ( Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, serology, Microbiology with Blood bank)
  • Radiology and imaging
  • E.C.G
  • ultrasonagraphy with colour Doppler
  • Video Endoscopy

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Nursing & Paramedical facilities


Special features

  • In-service & continuous education
  • Membership to Trained Nurses association of India
  • ICU Nursing
  • Operation theatre techniques
  • Burns


A well organized and fully computerized pharmacy is placed in the OPD. The departments priority interest is to give fast service in affordable cost and all essential drugs are available in the pharmacy.


Nutrition and dietetic services deal with planning and implementing the daily requirements of patients, special therapeutic diets. The department offers nutrition of patients and their care takers


The hospital has a n established physiotherapy unit equipped with exerciser, Static cycle, short Electric diathermy, Paraffin wax, Intermittent cervical and lumbar traction, stimulator, Continuous passive moment. The department provides the services to both outdoor and Indoor patients

Support Services

Medical Record Department (MRD)

Hospital maintains a fully computerized medical record department . Medical records are arranged in chronological order of registration .The same MRD Registration number is retained for 5years

Central Sterilization supply Department (CSSD)

This department is responsible for reception,

preparation, sterilization and distribution of sterilized

instruments and linen daily to the different departments

of the hospital. Operation theatre maintains its own sterilization.


Colour coded linen which are separated from one ward to another are sorted, washed and distributed by this department

Biomedical Waste management

The hospital follows the rules of biomedical waste rules 1988 and the directives of the Assam State pollution Control Board. Biomedical wastes are segregated from the source of generation, transported through waste management trolley and disposed a per the rules. Syringes and needles are mutilated and disinfected at the site.

Material Stores

Hospital has its own central store providing all types of disposables,printing items detergents,disinfectants and equipments .materials are issued on weekly basis to each departments

House keeping

House keeping department does a very important role in the cleanliness of the hospital premises. People come here feels homely and fresh and it adds beauty to the hospital.


The maintenance department includes carpentry, electrical works,Gases,Water painting, Plumbing and tailoring. These departments play a vital role for an aesthetic and fresh look to the atmosphere of the hospital. They are not so ‘High tech but High touch’ Persons.




Investigation Facility

The Hospital offers the following Investigation Facility

  • Laboratory with ( Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, serology, Microbiology with Blood bank)
  • Radiology and imaging
  • E.C.G
  • ultrasonagraphy with colour Doppler
  • Video Endoscopy

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Nursing & Paramedical facilities


Special features

  • In-service & continuous education
  • Membership to Trained Nurses association of India
  • ICU Nursing
  • Operation theatre techniques
  • Burns


A well organized and fully computerized pharmacy is placed in the OPD. The departments priority interest is to give fast service in affordable cost and all essential drugs are available in the pharmacy.


Nutrition and dietetic services deal with planning and implementing the daily requirements of patients, special therapeutic diets. The department offers nutrition of patients and their care takers


The hospital has a n established physiotherapy unit equipped with exerciser, Static cycle, short Electric diathermy, Paraffin wax, Intermittent cervical and lumbar traction, stimulator, Continuous passive moment. The department provides the services to both outdoor and Indoor patients

Private Partnership-National Health Programmes

Hospital gives greater participation in National Health Programmes especially relating to safe motherhood, prevention and control of Communicable diseases. We also get systemic and streamlined resources for this purpose.

R.N.T.C.P( Revised National Tuberculosis Program)

Hospital signed M.O.U with district Society Sonitpur in the year 2005 and serving as a Dot’s centre until it has upgraded as a Designated Microscopic centre in the year 2008 and working along with C.B.C.I we are catering services to more than 5,00,0000/-and rate of complete recovery of tuberculosis patients are increasing year after year. We are starting shortly a de-addiction centre attached to it hoping to reduce number  of T.B. patients. (For more details Contact D.M.C catholic Hospital

NRHM( National Rural Health Mission)
Under this programmes Pregnant mothers who are under BPL category get re-imbursed for the hospital services ( Normal as well as L.S.C.S) They are also allotted JSY and mamoni scheme.but they should fulfill the conditions as per the N.R.H.M schedule

NACO (National AIDS Control Society)
Hospital is accredited as Integrated Counseling and testing centre in the year 2009 and every pregnant woman are tested their blood for HIV with minimum cost.

(NLEP)The National Leprosy Eradication Programmes
Borgang Catholic Hospital has been accredited As Reconstructive centre for Leprosy affected patients Under N.L.E.P by central Government from January2012in co-ordination with A.I.F.O an Italian N.G.O who has special concern for the leprosy affected persons.

Reconstructive Surgery for Leprosy

As Part of Anti-Leprosy Fortnight Catholic Hospital ,A.I.F.O( Amici di Raoul Follereau)an Italian N.G.O based in Bangalore working for the persons affected with Leprosy, along with the District Leprosy Society carried out various activities, following the directives from Central leprosy Division Nirman Bhavan New Delhi to encourage Public Private Partnership these initiatives were carried out.

  • Leprosy Orientation Programme for 4 days to the Nursing Students, Faculty and Medical team. Facilitated by Dr. Manimozhi Natarajan M.D Scientist Leprosy Research Centre Vellore and Co-coordinator A.I.F.O India
  • Anti-leprosy Day observed on 30th January 2012 at Hospital O.P.D for the public by the nursing staff & students and thereafter Dr. Atul Saikia Z.L.O Sonitpur D.T highlighted topic of the Day “Restoring And transforming Hope”. Dr. Manimozhi, Dr. Dhiren Das Co-Coordinator N.L.E.P Assam, Dr. Mohanto Physiotherapist was also present for the same along with the Director Fr.Cherian , Medical& Nursing Faculty And Administrator Sr. Ancy. More Than 300 people attended the programme
  • For the first time in this region Reconstructive Surgery for persons affected with Leprosy initiated At Catholic Hospital Borgang on 03/02/2012 16 patients were Screened and out of which 2 were post Leprosy Claw Hand found fit for surgery and Surgery was done Successfully by Dr. Vijay Kumar Reconstructive Surgeon From Vishakapattana (Ex. Med.Suptd leprosy mission Hospital Sarda, Delhi , consultant, Leprosy Mission & LEPRA India) and the Surgical team Of Catholic Hospital Borgang. Dr. Vijay Kr. is an eminent Surgeon who has done more than 30,000/- Reconstructive Surgery all over the South East Asia.
  • Leprosy Related activities:- As referral centre to provide quality leprosy services ,is an integrated approach will be carried for Sonitpur District and Surrounding districts and Catholic Hospital is Recognized as RCS centre by Government Of India And A.I.F.O.. CLD (Central leprosy Division ), Catholic Hospital And A.I.F.O will sponsor and N.L.E.P activities in the state of Assam as partner.

We are very happy to partake in this mission and pledge ourselves to look after these stigmatized persons of our state. As we know India is contributing to 55% of global Leprosy incidence and needs to define its future course of action to address issues related to disabilities and consequent Discrimination. In India, One new case is detected every 5 minutes including 10,000/- new leprosy affected children every year. Though medically proved that it is an Airborne Disease, our people neglected them a lot and Isolated from our society and mercilessly ignored .It is high time for us to bring them to the light and give them a dignified life.

School of Nursing

In 1994, the Indian Nursing Council and the State Nu rsing Council Board approved the establishment of a General Nursing training centre .From the start, this School of Nursing was an outstanding success in training results, gaining one hundred percent passes in the Final Public Examinations.


The student is given the opportunity to:

  • Develop a basic understanding of normal growth and development and then the deviations from normal.
  • Know the causes and symptoms of disease conditions which are prevalent West Africa and to gain a basic understanding of principles underlying their treatment.
  • Develop nursing skills in caring for sick people of all ages – acute or chronic, physical or mental and to understand the principles underlying their care.
  • Develop skills in planning nursing care to meet patient’s basic needs both on an individual basis and in a ward situation.
  • Acquire an understanding of how illness affects a patient as a person, a member of a family and a citizen in the community and to understand her role in helping the patient resume that position as nearly as possible. Selection of student is based on the Council’s requirements, common entrance and Interview. The School uses the Council’s Basic Nursing Curriculum.

The School adopts the following teaching methods

  • lectures
  • group discussion
  • role play
  • use of audio-visuals
  • project writing
  • field visits
  • practical demonstration
  • Seminar/conference.

Methods of evaluation includes

  • Tests/quiz assignment
  • Oral/practical
  • Projects
  • Examinations


Contact Us

Catholic Hospital
Post Office-Borgang
District- Sonitpur , Assam


03715291162, 09954825832,09435183354,09435001826


Hospital is situated in a calm serene area surrounded by beautiful Tea gardens ideal for hospital. The site is free from vectors, stagnant waters, crowd and other disease causing factors
280 kms from state capital Guwahati Assam (International flights are connected with the Air Port at Guwahati )
100 kms from district head quarters Tezpur
100 kms from district head quarters Lakhimpur
2 kms from NH 52 – Attached road to hospital



St.Antony’s Friary ,#85 Hosur Rd,Bangalore ,
Phone: +91 9844030002,

We Care is a public charitable trust, registered in Bangalore, India, on 30th January 1999. We are a secular, non-governmental, non-political and non-religious trust. Our benefactors and beneficiaries include people without discrimination of religion, race, caste, language, gender or colour. We associate ourselves with individuals and associations of people of goodwill.

We Care was born of true love and concern of the poor during the 75th birthday of its founder Mrs Theresa D Souza in 1999. It was her way of showing gratitude for the innumerable blessings of God. Observing the woes of the vast multitude of poor, the impoverished and thousands of children living the life of deprivation, she established a charitable trust under the name. With the express intent of ensuring that every poor child would receive primary education and become literate, We Care provides financial assistance to children for all their schooling needs. In the logical step ahead, it also extends financial assistance to young boys and girls to pursue vocational education.

The project has started a nursery school to support the education of poor children and has also initiated a program of mid day meals for school children from poor families. Apart from its project head quarters in Bangalore, We care also has a program for providing meals to over thirty tribal school girls in a remote village in Bihar.



Vishwanadaadhan, Magadi Road, Bangalore
Phone: 08023485317

Started at the request of the then Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri Devaraj Urs . A project of the Archdiocese of Bangalore since 1977, involving several religious congregations and laypersons, the sumanahalli is involved with all aspects of leprosy care like Survey, early detection through Survey, Health Education, Treatment, and Vocational training C.B.R for other disability and Reaching out to the whole of South India. The first batch of patients was received in March 1978 after a detailed Medico-social Evaluation Survey .Educational programme for children and the adults started in 1986.Training sections were opened to offer training to cured persons in 1985.Ave Maria Home for the residential programme was constructed in 1995.CBR Project for the other Disabilities in2003.Garment Unit started in 2005.New school building in 2006.

Main Activities: Identifying new cases of leprosy & People with disabilities through household, school and community surveys. Creating awareness about leprosy and disabilities and Disabled persons through educational programmes based in schools, community and institutions- Those affected by Leprosy and Disabilities without any distinction of age, sex, religion, caste or social status. Priority is given to those from the project area allotted to it. Their children and other family members can benefit at least from certain aspects of the project like education and job opportunities. Selected People were given vocational training and Job opportunities in the Center. Giving Health Education to the patients/family members/community through talks, discussions and audiovisuals.
Conducting orientation program to the staff at PHC level .


Tiruvur, Assisi Seva Sadan, Krishna Dist, AndraPradesh
Phone:+91 8673252526,

The Project carries out operations for NLEP, CBR for a population of about 171000. Major activities are leprosy related case finding, treatment, disability limitation and rehabilitation ,collaboration with other N.G.Os &G.Os.

2954 total cases of leprosy detected & treated so far by the project.Self esteem of the PWDs  increased.246 disabled children are admitted to inclusive education and 89 to special education.37 PWD’s  (polio and clubfoot cases)  had surgical correction.85 PWD students are being supported financially for the studies.

Three disabled youngsters completed the professional studies by the financial support of the center and two of them are doing their job and 98 PWDs are being supported financially for their studies.


Shree Ramana Mahanshl Academy of Blind.
3rd Cross ,3P, J.P.Nagar, Bangalore.
Phone: +91 9242446695,

A decade of partnership with AIFO, started with the visit of Dr. Daisy, Dr. Ekambaram, Dr. Sunil & Dr. Jose, Who witnessed the institution and rural based programs of Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind® (SRMAB) which aimed at providing education, vocational training and livelihood empowerment support to children and adults with disabilities (PWD’s) since 1969.

AIFO’s visionaries, during their various visits to the rural rehabilitation programs, identified that persons affected with leprosy and leprosy affected disabilities were not addressed. Thus, developed  a partnership with SRMAB, resulting in:

Malavalli Community Based Rehabilitation: since 1997

SRMAB in association with AIFO since 1997 extended the CBR programme in Mandya & Malavalli Taluk (sub division), of Halagur Hobli. The program started with 30 villages. Which was gradually extended over the next 5 years to the entire Malavalli Tq, to work with all the categories of persons with disabilities.Focusing on developing “a community participation and inclusion of persons with Leprosy and leprosy cured disabilities”.

4 more blocks (Ramanagar and Channapatna Tq’s of Ramanagara Dist, Maddur & K R Pet Tq’s of Mandya Dist) were included to address the 5 matrix of CBR (health, education, livelihood, social and empowerment) as defined in the CBR Matrix.Currently the project works in 1202 villages covering a disabled population of 11,248 (Disabilities due to leprosy, Visual Impairment, Convulsion, Learning disability, Speech and hearing, Multiple disability, Movement disability, Disabilities due to Mental Illness)

The project work towards empowering 5 DPO’s, 110 SHG’s, local government such as Grama Panchayath CBR and Sarva Shiska Abhiyana (education for all) programs of government, The 5 components of CBR – health, education, skill training, economic empowerment and right based social inclusion reflects in the daily lives of PWD’s & PAL’s associated with the project services.During 2004 -2005 a Mid-term evaluation of the CBR programs was under taken by ‘Independent Consultants. And based on their recommendation, a 5 year activity plan was designed ‘with the objective of ‘developing a aware participatory community of people with disabilities and their families’ who address their issues locally.

S-PARK/CBR research initiative on impact of CBR in a district in south of India:

Dr. Sunil Deepak, Head of Medical & Scientific department AIFO (ITALY) is the Global Coordinator assisted by Dr. Jayanth Kumar (National Coordinator) and their dedicated team, have embarked on a research initiative, which focuses on impact of 10 years of Malavalli CBR activities in district with 1.8 million population and 22,000 persons with disabilities benefiting from those activities. This research is part of joint work plan between Disability & Rehabilitation team of World Health Organisation (WHO/DAR) and AIFO/Italy.

The research has three components –

(1) a quantitative research:

(2) an emancipatory research

(3) Pilot integration of emancipatory research methodology in the CBR projects.

The third phase of S-PARK/CBR has started in May 2011. This phase of the research is focusing on “introduction of emancipatory research in routine CBR activities”. Dr. Maya Thomas is the scientific adviser for this phase and is supporting the research team as well as the staff of two CBR implementers (MOB and SRMAB).


N.H.09,Humnabad, Bidar, Karnataka.
Phone:   +91 8483271032,

Bidar, 5,000 disabled in the district, ORBIT is in touch with more than 22,000 disabled contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the PWDs, with particular attention to the children, through the development of a CBR program. In specific to promote the social inclusion of PWDs in four Taluks of the District of Bidar
The direct beneficiaries are the PWDs in the Bidar district, with particular attention to children with disability. Their families and the community are the indirect beneficiaries.


Daurala, Meerut, U.P.,
Phone: +91 9760447778,

Nayee Asha, which, translated in English, means “New Hope”, is located in Kheri village, a lonely outpost in the district of Daurala, Meerut, a satellite township of New Delhi, the Capital of India. Father KJ Anthony is the Director of the Nayee Asha School and Hostel. With the assistance of 13 semi-voluntary teachers, unsparing efforts are made to achieve the goals of the institution that were set out at the time of its inception.

In 1985 Nayee Asha was registered as a charitable society. It’s primary aim was to be part of the country-wide effort to eradicate leprosy from India and to rehabilitate the victims of the disease along with their children.

In 1986 Nayee Asha commenced a State-wide leprosy eradication program in Western Uttar Pradesh.

In 1987, funded by Kindermissionwerk Germany, the Nayee Asha Society put up a school and hostel for the children of leprosy patients who were being treated in the Nayee Asha Leprosy Hospital. The hostel started out life with about 50 children. In the course of the intervening years, more and more such children have found refuge within the portals of Nayee Asha.

In 2001 Government of India declared leprosy to be eradicated from India as per World Health Organisation guidelines.  Freshly discovered cases of leprosy were thereafter referred for treatment to the nearest government primary health centre.  The Nayee Asha leprosy hospital closed down, leaving the Society free to focus its full attention on the serious business of educating (with the goal of rehabilitating) the children of leprosy patients who were in its care.

Today there are approximately 300 children, with the numbers steadily increasing. Approximately ten children appear for the Class X Board Examinations each year out of which at least 70% achieve a successful result. A small number of them some go on for further studies.


Govt.General hospital, No:15, Mandya, Karnataka.
Phone:+91 8232231214,

MOB RHC offers services to people affected by leprosy, disability HIV/AIDS and assist women empowering themselves to improve their living condition through formation of mahila sanghas, so that they have greater control over their own lives and be the agents of transformation of their villages and society at large.Self Help Groups (SHG) for the disabled and women have been formed. Disabled started to come together. Leadership qualities have developed among the disabled to some extent. Disabled    children enrolment in the normal and special schools has increased.


Seva Kendra, Manikbond, Assam,
Phone: +91 9613179061,

Set in the interior parts of the lush green state of Assam, the Manikbond project area not only faces floods and isolation from the rest of the world for a few months every year, but ethnic violence between groups.
Though blessed with nature’s bounty, the area is backward and underdeveloped where education is the last priority. All that has changed with the work of the project.The project identifies children from interior villages and educates them through its boarding school.  AIFO fund is used as scholarship for these children since their parents are no way able to pay the fees.

Apart from this, children who come from very poor families are also given nutritious food and books, since an absence of this would deny intelligent children the opportunity to learn.
Holidays are utilized for giving training in health care, career options, and values of life to the children.

International Medical Assosiation .

Shenoy Road,Kaloor,Cochin,Kerala,
Phone: +91 4842345975 ,
Email :
The CBR Programme of International medical association started in the year 2003 in the corporation area of Cochin involving 23 division with a population about 2000,000.
identifying family with mental disorders, providing right information, establishing a supportive relationship , helping them understanding and accept the situations, providing reassuarance and supportive guidance. In 2009 there are 353 persons with psychosocial disabilities.
CBR programme associated with medical facilities with provision of medicine supply give better outcome in dealing with psychosocial problems. Networking with other NGOs and Govt.hospitals made it possible to reach these results. Working with psycho-social persons need an attitude, special understanding, immense patience and care for them.

Positive results helps to reduce the stigma and increase the acceptance in the society. Relapses and financial constraints act negatively on the concern of the family.


St.Antony’s Church, Malom Noatoli,Gumla,Jharkhand,
Phone:+91 9334468789,

Set up in 1998, the Chainpur project began with work focus-sed on children. With politics and beauracracy in the hands of the rich in the state of Jharkhand, the friar’s entry point into developing the society was through kindergarten. Children hitherto spending their earlier years of childhood without any education have been slowly and surely inducted into learning through the kindergarten.
Ever since it’s beginning in 1998, the organisation has been working mainly on trail and error basis to meet the local needs.
The children’s project which created the entry point into the villages expanded to Community Based Rehabilitation. The project has started formation of Self Help Groups of men, women and persons with disabilities.
In the project 340 Children 2 to 5 yrs disabled, and 650 persons 12 to 17 yrs disabled.

Indiranagar children project.

Situated in the outskirts of the  Ranchi town in the newly formed state of Jharkhand in north India, the project deals exclusively with leprosy affected persons in a settlement which has come to be known as Indiranagar.
With a population of 435 of which half are female, 150 families are headed by leprosy affected patients. Though most are cured, they are not able to work owing to their visible deformity. Only around 21 persons in this colony work as labourers for a living.
The project has focussed on education of the children to bring about a steady economic growth in the colony. This gains importance in the light of the fact that most of the children have disabilities arising out of leprosy.
It was in 1994 that the project took up the cause of these patients who had been an isolated part of the society with no outside help till then. A school was constructed and with the help of AIFO immediately after, the project has taken up the challenge of rehabilitation and educational upliftment of Indira Nagar. Children not only get dresses, books but also mid day meal complete with egg and milk. Apart from books and stationary, the children are given dresses on festive occasions and health support in the shape of buckets, soap.

Assisi Dermotological Centre.

Konkenapudi,Pedena, Krishna dist. AndraPradesh
Phone: +91 8672248335,

Service to humanity irrespective of caste, creed, and religion rendering compassionate care and love to the poor, sick, disabled, underprivileged and the rejected of the society especially the leprosy stricken and the HIV/AIDS brethren .Two leprosy cured patients with claw hand were referred for reconstructive surgery to Narasapur, Bethesda Leprosy Mission hospital. The training and capacity building of the staff and beneficiaries were a great help in the management and handling of the difficult situations.

The remarkable achievement is the empowerment of the differently abled. This was made possible through the formation of viable and vibrant SHG’s and DPO’s who are strengthened enough to speak and stand up for themselves .

Assisi Deepthi Organisation. ADOR.

Vidyanagar .Raichur, Karnataka,
Phone: +91 8532240991 ,

A voluntary organization, working for NLEP since august 2001. ADOR started community based rehabilitation program on 2nd April 2002, to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to the persons with disability, covering 160 villages in Raichur Taluk and the Raichur Municipality area.

IEC remains the main activity to create awareness about Leprosy, Disability and its causes and treatment. In six Villages Nutrition camps were conducting, PWD has giving Aids and Appliances, Footwears providing for PAL. Persons with disability were helped to avail benefits by obtaining disability Identity Cards, with focus and emphasis to Self Care Practices


BELLARY, Karnataka.
Phone:   +91 8397-238113.
Email :

Working for the health promotion through National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP). since 1995 in two remote taluks of Bellary district . Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)  programme was introduced in the year 1997 covering 229 villages.
Disabled Peoples Organizations empowered to handle nepotism and malpractices effectively ultimately to beget their rights and opportunities.
Project is identified as a resource centre by the District Government authorities as well as the community capable of carrying out activities related to Leprosy and CBR .
Persons with the Disability and community members participate as volunteers in the programmes organized by the project and others.

Arogya Matha Rural Rehabilitation Centre.

Kollapur, Mehboobnagar -AndraPradesh.
Phone: +91 8501275326,
Email :

Kollapur is one of the backward under developed Taluk in Mahabubnagar district Andhra Pradesh. At the invitation of Bishop of Nalgonda we stepped onto this rural background area of Mahabubnagar district in the year 1993. In 1994 the project started SET program. A total of 832 cases of leprosy where detected and treated during these years.
After Integrations the  project operates as a  secondary  level  referral  centre withlO bedded hospital managing ulcer cases and those who need in-patient care.

Prevention of disabilities, Earlier detection of disabilities and management, Individualized learning programs, Organization of disabled people Assessment of the felt needs of the disabled and family, Social integration. Providing primary health care to a population of over 100,000 spread out in 132 villages of Kollapur Taluk. Health & School Awareness programs conducting  in backward areas through visual aids like slide shows & street plays.