An Incident to share

After completing the training programme at Sibsagar while on the way back, just near to the Primary Health Centre – at Tea estate, colony is a settlement of population from other parts of India (Orissa, Andhra Pradesh Kerala) brought here during British regime. The AIFO training team found this young lady walking across, to find her affected by leprosy and due to lack of early detection had reached a multi- bacillary advanced stage of Leprosy and she informed us that she did visit health centres and was prescribed ointments all the time. Measure were taken to ensure she gets treated,

lessons learnt : Improve IEC activities, support the IEC programme with effective Health Services, specially for the underserved areas – people dwelling in colonies at Tea estates which are widely spread across these districts. AIFO operations need to expand strategies to support the leprosy Programme.

Dr.Natarajan Manimozhi

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