Arogya Matha Rural Rehabilitation Centre.

Kollapur, Mehboobnagar -AndraPradesh.
Phone: +91 8501275326,
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Kollapur is one of the backward under developed Taluk in Mahabubnagar district Andhra Pradesh. At the invitation of Bishop of Nalgonda we stepped onto this rural background area of Mahabubnagar district in the year 1993. In 1994 the project started SET program. A total of 832 cases of leprosy where detected and treated during these years.
After Integrations the  project operates as a  secondary  level  referral  centre withlO bedded hospital managing ulcer cases and those who need in-patient care.

Prevention of disabilities, Earlier detection of disabilities and management, Individualized learning programs, Organization of disabled people Assessment of the felt needs of the disabled and family, Social integration. Providing primary health care to a population of over 100,000 spread out in 132 villages of Kollapur Taluk. Health & School Awareness programs conducting  in backward areas through visual aids like slide shows & street plays.

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