Assisi Dermotological Centre.

Konkenapudi,Pedena, Krishna dist. AndraPradesh
Phone: +91 8672248335,

Service to humanity irrespective of caste, creed, and religion rendering compassionate care and love to the poor, sick, disabled, underprivileged and the rejected of the society especially the leprosy stricken and the HIV/AIDS brethren .Two leprosy cured patients with claw hand were referred for reconstructive surgery to Narasapur, Bethesda Leprosy Mission hospital. The training and capacity building of the staff and beneficiaries were a great help in the management and handling of the difficult situations.

The remarkable achievement is the empowerment of the differently abled. This was made possible through the formation of viable and vibrant SHG’s and DPO’s who are strengthened enough to speak and stand up for themselves .

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