‘Kushtaroga Vimuktara Kudumba Samellana’ 2016

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AIFO India hosting  ಕುಷ್ಟರೋಗ  ವಿಮುಕ್ತರ ಕುಟುಂಬ ಸಮ್ಮೇಳನ

‘Kushtaroga Vimuktara Kudumba Samellana’ 2016


On February 14th 2016, at the Indian Institute of World Culture, Basavangudi, Bangalore over 200 persons affected by leprosy and persons with disabilities and their families gathered to celebrate their journey of healing, organized and supported by non-governmental organization AIFO India. The event brought together persons from across Karnataka and educated them about their rights, entitlements, opportunities and responsibilities. Stigma, illiteracy, lack of access, lack of mobility and poverty prevent persons affected by leprosy, disabled and the poor and vulnerable from accessing their entitlements. Supporting this event was the Karnataka Disabled Persons Federation (KSDPF) who enlightened the participants on the various welfare schemes available to them under the state and central government machinery.

Community based rehabilitation experts facilitated discussion among different groups of participants to identify the key challenges they are facings and seek short term and long term solutions. Addressing the participants was acclaimed freedom fighter H.S. Doreswamy, who said that a “fighting spirit , is critical to overcoming the stigma of leprosy”. Women, children and volunteers worked together to express themselves creatively and enjoyed themselves immensely.  Dr.Jose, Director AIFO said that “inclusive growth Is about ensuring that every individual – whether they are persons affected by leprosy, persons with disabilities or anyone who is on the fringes of society has enjoys equal rights and access to entitlements

AIFO India, works tirelessly to eradicate leprosy and related disability by not just providing medical interventions and support, but by rehabilitating individuals, families and communities of those affected by the disease. Over the two decades of their work in India, they have impacted over 1,50,000 people from vulnerable communities across 10 states in India. As partners of the National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) the flagship programme of the Central Leprosy Division and the World Health Organization their work sits at the ever evolving cross section of grass root interventions, as well healthcare policy design.

Mahatma Gandhi, worked tirelessly to ease the suffering of persons affected by leprosy and advocated for their rights and entitlements. This event highlighted his message that leprosy is about breaking down barriers and building shared futures on the foundations of empathy and compassion.

For more information on AIFO India’s work please log onto www.aifoindia.org



 Greetings from the Communication Hub of The Leprosy Mission Trust India!

 We’d written to you on 7th September about our online petition to Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi asking him to take concrete steps to end discrimination against people affected by leprosy and take immediate action on Report 256 of the Law Commission of India.

Our petition has already caught people’s imagination. Many have already signed the petition. Every day, more and more people sign to show their solidarity with people affected by leprosy!

 We are aiming at getting 50,000 people to sign the petition. We need many more signatures to achieve this. Have you signed the petition? If not, sign the petition NOW at the link given below and become part of this historic movement:
 Please share the above link on your Facebook timeline (if you have one) and forward the link to your colleagues, friends and family and request them to sign!

People affected by leprosy need your support to get EDPAL Bill passed in the Parliament and for the government to bring new legislation for their rehabilitation and development. Let’s put all our efforts to make sure that Prime Minister Modi act on our petition. Together, we can bring change in the lives of people affected by leprosy.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to be the change you wish to see in the lives of people affected by leprosy. We’ll regularly keep you updated on the progress of this campaign so that together we can celebrate our small victories. It’s not long before we celebrate our big victory!
People affected by leprosy will be thankful to you for signing the petition which has the power to bring healing, inclusion and dignity in their lives.

With best regards,

Jacob Oommen
Communication Hub

Aifo in Nepal



How will Nepal recover from three devastation earthquakes that have torn apart the country? What new development challenges will the country have to face in the process of rebuilding? Today  aid agencies like AIFO are working to bring back normalcy to the country , but , no restoration will be possible without the global community coming together. 

What are you doing to help Nepal ?

Wish Tree at Urban Solace, Bangalore

Perry Menzies

Urban Solace – Café for the Soul, is a beautiful and quiet gem located in Ulsoor, Bangalore. Owner Perry Menzies started this café with the underlying theme of offering a place where people can come together, connect with themselves , connect with others and have a good time. Each day of the week the restaurant has a different them, hosting live music, poetry , book readings and open mic nights. Perry helps support budding artists, charitable causes and community activities. During ‘Daan Utsav’ 2014, Urban Solace played host to AIFO’s wish tree which helped raise awareness and funds about our work

Visit by Sakra World Hospital Team

May 19th 2014  The CEO , Head of Business development and the development practise lead of Ernst and Young visited our project site in rural Mandya to experience our work first hand and understand the challenges of  healthcare delivery in rural india.

May 19th 2014
The CEO , Head of Business development and the development practise lead of Ernst and Young visited our project site in rural Mandya to experience our work first hand and understand the challenges of healthcare delivery in rural india.

Bangalore Marathon 2013-A success for AIFO

 Bangalore Marathon 2013-A success for AIFO

Dear all

With all your wishes, I am happy for that I successfully finished 4.3 KMs Bangalore Marathon 2013 with an attendant. My Bib number-17683 in the category, champion with disability.

It was a delightful experience of running with 526 other persons having different disabilities in the CWD category who ran for different causes. There was only one voice that I could hear during my run- people were-come on run, come on run, run, run!!

It was my first experience; it was bit difficult; My attendant Puttappa was superb guide; people were encouraging; volunteers were cheering for AIFO; There was lot of fun; It was a good learning curve and I have enjoyed.

My run was to raise resources for AIFO!! It was to increase AIFO’s visibility!! It was for the cause of leprosy!!

Many people were enquiring with me about leprosy, such as  is it still there in India? Is it curable? Is there treatment for leprosy? Etc. All were well briefed on leprosy.

A Big thanks to India Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industries, South Indian Bank, Bangalore care and others for their constant support and contributions. Also special thanks to my friends and colleagues for their help and encouragement.

It was a successful campaign for AIFO India!!


Dr. Jayanth Kumar Y.B.

AIFO India

Mobile: +91 9448936061



Keeping in touch with AIFO China, Mongolia and Liberia: Exchange and Facilitation

Mongolia: Mr. Jose as the main facilitator conducted For CBR National Coordinators Mongolia, a refresher-training course at Ulaanbaatar and other districts

And similarly in Liberia CBR training at Monrovia at 3 levels for, CBR Workers, Mental health Nurses, CBR National programme managers and National leprosy hospital staff at Ganta.

As a part of exchange programme, Mr.M.V.Jose, along with Dr. Giovanni from Bologna Italy, undertook programme visit to Handa Leprosy Project in China, in sharing experiences a learning process.

AIFO Liberia delegates visit

A five members delegation team (Dr. Renota, Dr. Janis Cooper, Ms. Recardia, Reverend Boima, Mrs. Mavi) from AIFO Liberia visited AIFO India projects between 1 st of December to 9th December 2012. The main purpose of the visit was to share experiences, exchange information and learn together on implementation of AIFO supported project activities in India and in Liberia. Dr. Jose, Dr. Manimozhi, Dr. Jayanth and other AIFO team members organised different activities and coordinated the week long programme. Malavalli project field (DPOs, SHGs, PWDs families, school resource center in the village), rural center for the disabled people, School for the blind, Sumanhalli leprosy rehabilitation centre, feedback and interactions with the Indian team, felicitation programme by the Amici trust are the major events organised for the visiting team to have exposure on Indian situation and context. In all the places/discussions The delegates have shared their experiences in Liberia and appreciated the activities organised for their visits. There were also some clarifications on sustainability of the institutions, rights based approach in CBR, documentation, training and follow up in CBR, role of DPOs and SHGs in CBR etc. All such issues were discussed by both the team members and clarifications were sought. The Liberia team have extended thanks to the AIFO Indian office for their efforts in organising the various activities and expressed future collaboration of “South to South” so that a continuous learning take places between India and Liberia.

ILEP India Meting

ILEP India Member Representatives Meeting from 19th to 20th February 2013 held at AIFO Office Bangalore

ILEP Member Representatives gathered as a part of their regular activity to meet and review, discuss issues related to their operations and specific issues which needs to be addressed. It was decided to conduct this meeting immediately after the Consortium Meeting initiated by Mr. Antony Sami to enable a brain storming session on Fund raising issues and formation of Consortium and further discussions continued with ILEP related activities
Dr.Natarajan Manimozhi
Medical Coordinator
AIFO India

Fund Raising Consortium Meeting

It was felt that it was important for the people of India to know about the country’s Leprosy scenario and also make them participate in supporting the programme both in word and deed. Mr. Antony Sami CEO ALERT India took initiatives to bring all interested members specially from ILEP organisation joining together to form a Consortium for the above said cause and also keeping in view the depletion of resources and increased need.
Members attended: All ILEP members,Mr.Dola Mahapatra from ChildFund,Mr.Loknath Swain from PRJankari, Ms.Bina Shetty ,Mr.Murray Culshaw, Mr.Noshir Dadrawala.
There were series of important discussions, presentations focusing on Fund raising issues actively participated by all members and invited experts from this field.
It was indeed a very important dimension to be focused for the further and bettering the operations related to Leprosy in the country
Dr.Natarajan Manimozhi
Medical Coordinator
AIFO India

Mother Teresa Foundation Award

Mother Teresa Foundation Award for “Selfless Contributors to Bangalore” was conferred on 24th of January by Former Chief Justice of India, Shri Venkatachalaiah on Fr George Kannanthanam, Director of Sumanahalli Society for his work among the people affected by leprosy, HIV and disabilities.

Assam NLEP Priority Districts – Intensified Leprosy control Activities

Training programmes initiated

In 3 districts of Assam state Sivsagar, Diburgarh and Kamrup identified as priority endemic intensified leprosy activities was initiated with approval from the State NLEP and programme sponsored by WR – WHO. Series of discussions and planning took place out of which Training of health Staff and Medical Officers became crucial and 20 participants in each District including 10 Medical officers attended the training Programme

12 & 13-07-2012 Patsaku & Sepakhiti Block PHC. Sivsagar District / 17- 18-07-2012 Naharani PHC & Khowang PHC Dibrugarh and 23-07-2012 at Kamrup (Metro) district – Guwahati: The District leprosy officer Dr. Mrs.Senapati, District Nucleus Medical Officer Dr. Gogoin, Dr. Gogoi had made all administrative arrangements through which Medical Officers and Multi Purpose Workers, patients and persons affected by leprosy participated. Dr. Lanong and  Dr.Manimozi were key facilitators  for the training programme.  Emphasis was more on case detection and diagnosis (clinical) activities .  Dr. Dhiren Das Mr. Biswanath Mahato Mr. Simntha,Mr. Pranab Dass along with Mr Patrick and Nyjil from Bangalore Head Office associated in the programme with their support.

Meghalaya SLO Consultation Meeting 15 July 2012.

To provide support for NLEP Meghalaya based on their needs.

Discussion with  Dr. A.A.Dhkar SLO Meghalaya continued within the thematic area of  support during  which issues raising from Dr. Lanong field visit were incorporated.  New initiatives and problems rose during SLO review meet at Goa was also taken as a reference point.

16th July 2012: Data Entry Operator – Dash board Training

Mr. Nyjil George carried out Dash Board training – on management of Data related to NLEP for Mr. Kamlihok Hynniewta from Meghalaya SLO office, Mr. Simanta Talulkdhar DEO –  Mr. Ashok Bharali  AIFO/APW  Contractual staff, Mr. Biswanath Mahato PT AIFO.

Our thanks to Dr.Atul Shah (Novartis) for his kind help in providing learning material (LEPROSY  for Medical Practitioners and paramedical workers) generously which were  used during above training programmes (Medical Officers)

Reconstructive Surgery

3rd Round: 11th and 12th of September

Dr. Jerry Joshua, Dr. Brahma , Dr. Manimozhi

Dr. Jerry Joshua Plastic/ RCS –Surgeon from The Leprosy Mission, Kolkata extends his expertise in supporting AIFO activities in the State of Assam NLEP at The Catholic Hospital – Borgang, Sonitpur district. And during this third session there were 10 persons operated. During these operations Dr. Brahma General Surgeon – had undergone training in RCS, to take over RCS activities in future at the centre.

Mina Nayak, about 18 years, works in Tea gardens, hopeful of new life after Surgery

Lt. Hand PL4T and Dorsal fixation of lateral band.

Ashini Nayak 18 years

Young man – pursuing his studies, Pre University. New hope’s

Munu Guwala 18 years

Munu had to stop going to school due to deformities – Right hand, and now has no idea what to next. But certainly very happy, had to wait for her turn and undergo pre operative physio therapy before surgery

Anita Toppo 13 years.

Right Hand surgery successful, and now Anita wants her left hand corrected as well. She wants to get back to her studies – very reluctantly, she had discontinued studies while studying 7th class.

Next batch to undergo surgery will be during December first week.

Chamraj Nagar Training Programme

26 and 27 September 2012.

With the request from the State/District Health Authorities and DLO a two day’s training programme on Leprosy was carried out at Chamraj Nagar for Medical Officers (PHC), during which 22 Medical Officers attended. The programme concluded with further request form the participants and the DLO to have yet another training programme on Disability Prevention and Medical Rehabilitation (DPMR). Dr. Pramila Tharur DD/ SLO office, Dr. Shivram Surveillance Medical Officer,Dr. Jayapala, Mr Athiseyanathan and Mr. Masthan attended and assisted Dr. N.Manimozhi NLEP Consultant – Facilitator during the training Programme


Demonstration – Dressing’s

Dr. Jayapala – our Ex- Karnataka ILEP coordinator, continues to support for the cause of Leprosy (now working for HIV/AIDS in Chamraj Nagar District

Crucial is Self confidence .. at all levels

Dr. Shivram in all smiles following keenly the programme

Consultation Meeting in Chamaraj Nagar

Consultation Meeting with the Chamraj Nagar District Health Authorities: It was decided by the Karnataka State NLEP to update Disability – Deformity status as a trial project involving Sumanahalli and the District Nucleus – Chamraj Nagar, following the decisions at South Zone SLO Conference at Cochin – June 2012.  During the meeting the DLO requested NLEP Consultant to carry out Training programme for Medical Officers.
Members present
1. Dr.Shivram SMO Karnataka NLEP
2. Dr. Raju District Leprosy Officer (DLO)
3. Dr. Raju DM& HO
4. Mr. Athiseyanathan Sumanahalli
5. Mr. Masthan Sumanahalli
6. Dr. Jayapala Chamraj Nagar (HIV/AIDS Control)
7. Dr. Manimozhi NLEP Consultant

NEW Delhi – Urban Workshop

Mr.Antony Sami (Alert India), Dr.H.Khar ( Dean RML Medical Collage), Dr.Agrawal (DDG L), Dr.Arif (ILEP Coordinator, India), Dr.K.Bhagotia (SLO ,Delhi).

Mr.Antony Sami (Alert India), Dr.H.Khar ( Dean RML Medical Collage), Dr.Agrawal (DDG L), Dr.Arif (ILEP Coordinator, India), Dr.K.Bhagotia (SLO ,Delhi).

National Consultation Workshop on Urban Leprosy.
Across the country 30 Urban locations where identified by The Central Leprosy Division, ILEP and other Partners to assess the Leprosy Programme Situation to develop Urban Leprosy Control Programme effectiveness. AIFO took up the responsibility in the States of Assam and Karanataka as apart of Rapid Assessment Team – RAT, with two teams(Sumanahalli Staff in Karnataka and AIFO Coordination staff at Assam).
The Programme, NLEP Staff, Patients, and Persons affected by Leprosy were assessed and information gathered which was analysed and presented during the National Urban Leprosy –Workshop at New Delhi.  This activity took about 4 months for its completion.
Following this activity on the 21st – 22nd September a National Consultation Workshop on Urban Leprosy Control was conducted at Ram Manohar Lohia Medical College. This workshop was possible with the collaboration of WHO, ILEP State and Central Government/ Central Leprosy Division initiated and sponsored by ALERT India – Mumbai. the workshop recommendations were formulated and submitted to Central Leprosy Division for further necessary action and implementations.Dr.Manimozhi from AIFO took part in the deliberation.

ILEP Coordinators Meeting

28 – 1 June 2012

A crucial meeting which took place, which was called for streamlining operations of Coordinators placed by WHO, ILEP ensuring no duplication and following standard procedure’s of operation the Coordinators should carrying out and all will now operate as NLEP Consultants*. ILEP coordinator took up the task of provision of Identity Cards in collaboration with the Central Leprosy Division.

With efforts, initiation of AIFO the Central Leprosy Division designates ILEP Coordinators of States as – NLEP (National Leprosy Eradication Programme) Consultants. While issuing the identification cards to NLEP Consultants. Dr Agarwal stated that NLEP Consultants would now be CLD’s eyes in his hands to help him streamline the programme effectively with supportive supervision and guidance. This event took place at New Delhi during the NLEP / ILEP Coordinators meeting organized by ILEP.

Job functions and Reporting system for NLEP Consultants was issued.

This identification Card gives adequate importance and recognition for ILEP Coordinators to carry out their operations during travel and other access seeking activities with Bureaucrats seeking their support. AIFO ILEP Coordinators operating in the states of Karnataka , Assam, Meghalaya are for sure benefitted

Anti Leprosy Day celebration

Malavalli: SRMAB celebrated Anti Leprosy day On 30th January, project in collaboration with   high schools, PHC’s and DLO office, organized Anti Leprosy Day, in all the 5 taluks; Students participated in speech & Quiz competition on leprosy and were awarded prizes. People with leprosy participated. A Doctor, project staff and Para-medical workers addressed awareness on leprosy to the students, teachers & general community.

Gudivada: In view of Anti Leprosy Fortnight celebrations (30-1-12 to 13-2-12) Assisi hospital staff participated in the awareness campaign at Machilipatanam and Gudivada Urban areas. On 30th January at 8 AM a Flexi Banner about Leprosy was exhibited at the main gate of the  hospital from30th January  till 13th Feb. 2012.   From 30th January to 12th February the field staff conducted Healthy Contact and Slum surveys at Machilipatanam and Gudivada. Detected 4 suspected cases and 1 PB case from Gudivada. On 10th Feb. during clinic at Gudivada confirmation of the PB case was done and registered the case for MDT.The suspected cases were kept under observation.

ESGs, MOB and SRMAB staff Educational Tour Programme

As part of  AIFO’s S-PARK CBR research Mandya, a 3 days education trip from 18 to 21 March 2012 for the staff of SRMAB, MOB  and ESG members was organized by research team. Kannyakumari (Vivekananda spiritual Centre, Sun raise & sun set etc.), Madhurai, Rameswaram, Dr. A.P.J Kalam’s museum and other places in Tamilnad state have been visited by the staff. Both staff and ESG members have shared their socio, educational and spiritual learning and has expressed their gratitude to AIFO for sponsoring the education trip.

Physiotherapy student’s community posting

12  final year BPT (physiotherapy) students along with their professors from Acharya Institute of Health Sciences, Bangalore visited Mandya CBR activities on 30th and 31st March 2012. Dr.Parthipan from AIFO India and other CBR staff from SRMAB  conducted the exposure programme both theoretical sessions  and practical activities in the community. The group has expressed their happiness about their productive learning and appreciated the project activities.