International Medical Assosiation .

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The CBR Programme of International medical association started in the year 2003 in the corporation area of Cochin involving 23 division with a population about 2000,000.
identifying family with mental disorders, providing right information, establishing a supportive relationship , helping them understanding and accept the situations, providing reassuarance and supportive guidance. In 2009 there are 353 persons with psychosocial disabilities.
CBR programme associated with medical facilities with provision of medicine supply give better outcome in dealing with psychosocial problems. Networking with other NGOs and Govt.hospitals made it possible to reach these results. Working with psycho-social persons need an attitude, special understanding, immense patience and care for them.

Positive results helps to reduce the stigma and increase the acceptance in the society. Relapses and financial constraints act negatively on the concern of the family.

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