Seva Kendra, Manikbond, Assam,
Phone: +91 9613179061,

Set in the interior parts of the lush green state of Assam, the Manikbond project area not only faces floods and isolation from the rest of the world for a few months every year, but ethnic violence between groups.
Though blessed with nature’s bounty, the area is backward and underdeveloped where education is the last priority. All that has changed with the work of the project.The project identifies children from interior villages and educates them through its boarding school.  AIFO fund is used as scholarship for these children since their parents are no way able to pay the fees.

Apart from this, children who come from very poor families are also given nutritious food and books, since an absence of this would deny intelligent children the opportunity to learn.
Holidays are utilized for giving training in health care, career options, and values of life to the children.

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