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Nayee Asha, which, translated in English, means “New Hope”, is located in Kheri village, a lonely outpost in the district of Daurala, Meerut, a satellite township of New Delhi, the Capital of India. Father KJ Anthony is the Director of the Nayee Asha School and Hostel. With the assistance of 13 semi-voluntary teachers, unsparing efforts are made to achieve the goals of the institution that were set out at the time of its inception.

In 1985 Nayee Asha was registered as a charitable society. It’s primary aim was to be part of the country-wide effort to eradicate leprosy from India and to rehabilitate the victims of the disease along with their children.

In 1986 Nayee Asha commenced a State-wide leprosy eradication program in Western Uttar Pradesh.

In 1987, funded by Kindermissionwerk Germany, the Nayee Asha Society put up a school and hostel for the children of leprosy patients who were being treated in the Nayee Asha Leprosy Hospital. The hostel started out life with about 50 children. In the course of the intervening years, more and more such children have found refuge within the portals of Nayee Asha.

In 2001 Government of India declared leprosy to be eradicated from India as per World Health Organisation guidelines.  Freshly discovered cases of leprosy were thereafter referred for treatment to the nearest government primary health centre.  The Nayee Asha leprosy hospital closed down, leaving the Society free to focus its full attention on the serious business of educating (with the goal of rehabilitating) the children of leprosy patients who were in its care.

Today there are approximately 300 children, with the numbers steadily increasing. Approximately ten children appear for the Class X Board Examinations each year out of which at least 70% achieve a successful result. A small number of them some go on for further studies.

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