Shree Ramana Mahanshl Academy of Blind.
3rd Cross ,3P, J.P.Nagar, Bangalore.
Phone: +91 9242446695,
Email: mail@srmab.org.in

A decade of partnership with AIFO, started with the visit of Dr. Daisy, Dr. Ekambaram, Dr. Sunil & Dr. Jose, Who witnessed the institution and rural based programs of Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind® (SRMAB) which aimed at providing education, vocational training and livelihood empowerment support to children and adults with disabilities (PWD’s) since 1969.

AIFO’s visionaries, during their various visits to the rural rehabilitation programs, identified that persons affected with leprosy and leprosy affected disabilities were not addressed. Thus, developed  a partnership with SRMAB, resulting in:

Malavalli Community Based Rehabilitation: since 1997

SRMAB in association with AIFO since 1997 extended the CBR programme in Mandya & Malavalli Taluk (sub division), of Halagur Hobli. The program started with 30 villages. Which was gradually extended over the next 5 years to the entire Malavalli Tq, to work with all the categories of persons with disabilities.Focusing on developing “a community participation and inclusion of persons with Leprosy and leprosy cured disabilities”.

4 more blocks (Ramanagar and Channapatna Tq’s of Ramanagara Dist, Maddur & K R Pet Tq’s of Mandya Dist) were included to address the 5 matrix of CBR (health, education, livelihood, social and empowerment) as defined in the CBR Matrix.Currently the project works in 1202 villages covering a disabled population of 11,248 (Disabilities due to leprosy, Visual Impairment, Convulsion, Learning disability, Speech and hearing, Multiple disability, Movement disability, Disabilities due to Mental Illness)

The project work towards empowering 5 DPO’s, 110 SHG’s, local government such as Grama Panchayath CBR and Sarva Shiska Abhiyana (education for all) programs of government, The 5 components of CBR – health, education, skill training, economic empowerment and right based social inclusion reflects in the daily lives of PWD’s & PAL’s associated with the project services.During 2004 -2005 a Mid-term evaluation of the CBR programs was under taken by ‘Independent Consultants. And based on their recommendation, a 5 year activity plan was designed ‘with the objective of ‘developing a aware participatory community of people with disabilities and their families’ who address their issues locally.

S-PARK/CBR research initiative on impact of CBR in a district in south of India:

Dr. Sunil Deepak, Head of Medical & Scientific department AIFO (ITALY) is the Global Coordinator assisted by Dr. Jayanth Kumar (National Coordinator) and their dedicated team, have embarked on a research initiative, which focuses on impact of 10 years of Malavalli CBR activities in district with 1.8 million population and 22,000 persons with disabilities benefiting from those activities. This research is part of joint work plan between Disability & Rehabilitation team of World Health Organisation (WHO/DAR) and AIFO/Italy.

The research has three components –

(1) a quantitative research:

(2) an emancipatory research

(3) Pilot integration of emancipatory research methodology in the CBR projects.

The third phase of S-PARK/CBR has started in May 2011. This phase of the research is focusing on “introduction of emancipatory research in routine CBR activities”. Dr. Maya Thomas is the scientific adviser for this phase and is supporting the research team as well as the staff of two CBR implementers (MOB and SRMAB).

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