‘Samruddhi’, is an inclusive community based inclusive development program built on a multi sectoral approach piloted by AIFO India. The project is located in Harohalli less than 50 kms outside Bangalore. Despite its close proximity to the city, the target area faces numerous socioeconomic and healthcare challenges. Most pronounced is high levels of anemia among women, disability and leprosy related disabilities.Recognizing these challenges, AMICI Samruddhi, Focuses on empowering different groups of persons with disabilities including persons with disabilities due to leprosy. Recognizing the need for promotion of nutritional health among young girls, adolescents and women, this project will focus on enabling access to better quality primary health care services with a specific focus on nutrition.

With a view to keep the project sustainable, scalable and deepen impact, technology tools such as promotion of a community radio, mobile phone enabled data monitoring and reporting as well as usage of technology to spread awareness about healthcare and welfare entitlements.

This project adopts a multi partner approach and partners with organizations like SRMAB and AIFO Italy.

This intervention will reach out to thousands of people and play a key role in improving the deteriorating health care outcomes of Harohalli, leading to an overall improvement in the quality of life of the target region.The direct beneficiaries of this project include women and girls with anemia, Malnourished children, persons affected with leprosy, socio economically poor families, widows, single person, destitute, homeless families and persons with different disabilities.

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