AIFO-Project Support.

How to Apply.
AIFO provides support to projects in developing countries, without any discrimination on the basis of color, race, religion, gender, etc. AIFO has no political or religious aims of any kind. In all the projects supported by it, AIFO emphasizes that special attention be given to reach weaker sections of society: the poorest families, ethnic minority groups, women and children.
AIFO has chosen to focus its activities in supporting leprosy affected persons and persons with disabilities through integrated development projects, with particular attention towards the poorest and vulnerable groups of persons, in a spirit of partnership.

When to present the request.

Because of financial difficulties, no new project requests are being accepted till further notice.

Who Can Receive Support From AIFO.
Governments, local administrations, NGOs, religious organizations of all denominations, organizations of disabled persons, grass-root organizations, etc., from developing countries, can ask AIFO for support exclusively for their project activities related to the three specific fields of activities (leprosy, Primary Health Care & Rehabilitation. Usually, projects related to vulnerable children are usually accepted only in areas, where AIFO is already supporting some other activities related to any of the three specific fields.
Possibly all requests related to leprosy and primary health care, presented to AIFO should follow National guidelines. When such requests are not in line with the National guidelines, the reasons for this must be clearly explained.
Often AIFO prefers to promotes complementary projects in the same geographical areas where it is already present, with different local partners like Governmental ministries and departments, local NGOs, grass roots organizations & missionaries, to increase the impact of its support and to promote that different needs of target populations can be answered in a multi-sectoral way. In the field and internationally, AIFO favors networking and coordination with international organizations to promote a more efficient utilization of the resources. AIFO has joint projects with many European organizations, especially with organizations which are members of ILEP, Circle of Solidarity Follereau-Damien and IDDC.
Usually AIFO does not provide support to requests coming from organizations based in developed countries (including their branch offices based in developing countries), even if their requests may be for their activities in developing countries.

What Kind Of Project Activities Can Receive Support From AIFO.

AIFO supports project activities in three main Areas:

Leprosy control and Primary Health Care.

Rehabilitation of persons with disability.

Development activities aimed at vulnerable children.

Generally speaking AIFO prefers to support activities which are based in the community, are sustainable and promote strengthening of local resources in finding local solutions to the problems. Projects consisting exclusively of specialized institutions are not supported by AIFO unless these are part of referral system of on-going community-based activities. In a new project, AIFO places lot of emphasis on starting and strengthening of community based activities and only when these activities are established, requests for strengthening of institutions are taken in to consideration.

Activities NOT supported by AIFO.
Requests from individuals for scholarships or grants, are not taken in to consideration by AIFO. In the same way, AIFO does not provide support for setting up of offices and for paying salaries, unless these are part of a whole project funded by AIFO. Even in the projects supported by AIFO, providing salaries and/or incentives for Governmental personnel is generally not taken in to consideration for reasons of sustainability. For projects managed by NGOs and missionaries, AIFO can provide limited amount of funds towards the costs of personnel. In such cases, AIFO accepts that the salaries provided be at the most similar to those provided by local/national Government in the project areas. The financial costs for salaries in a NGO/missionary managed project should not be more than 35% of the total project costs. Finally, isolated requests like providing a vehicle or buying of equipment are not taken in to consideration by AIFO.
When to present the request.

Regional offices of AIFO.
AIFO has three Regional Offices, in India, Mozambique and in Brazil. There are also Country Offices of AIFO in many countries like: Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, Macao, Comore Islands, Mozambique, Angola, Ghana, etc. All new Project requests coming from India and Brazil must come to AIFO through the AIFO Regional offices.

At present, AIFO is supporting significant projects in the following countries: Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Egypt, Vietnam, Mongolia, Nepal, Indonesia, India, Liberia and Brazil. In some of these countries, AIFO is working with National Governments like in Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Brazil, Mozambique, etc. Requests from countries where AIFO is already active, receive priority for new project requests.