Tiruvur, Assisi Seva Sadan, Krishna Dist, AndraPradesh
Phone:+91 8673252526,

The Project carries out operations for NLEP, CBR for a population of about 171000. Major activities are leprosy related case finding, treatment, disability limitation and rehabilitation ,collaboration with other N.G.Os &G.Os.

2954 total cases of leprosy detected & treated so far by the project.Self esteem of the PWDs  increased.246 disabled children are admitted to inclusive education and 89 to special education.37 PWD’s  (polio and clubfoot cases)  had surgical correction.85 PWD students are being supported financially for the studies.

Three disabled youngsters completed the professional studies by the financial support of the center and two of them are doing their job and 98 PWDs are being supported financially for their studies.

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