What We Do

AIFO India maintains a portfolio of interconnected initiatives, each of which commits to specific , measurable goals within a projected time frame and incorporates rigorous monitoring as work progresses, while remaining flexible enough to seize unanticipated opportunities, shift tactics when necessary and recalibrate as needed.

For over 18 years, AIFO India’s mission has been to enable opportunities for persons suffering from leprosy and related disability, persons with disability and those from backgrounds of poverty, vulnerability and exclusion to lead a better quality of life.

Today we pursue this mission through the dual goals of: supporting healthcare initiatives for persons suffering from leprosy, and fostering sustainable community development initiatives.


Our healthcare projects focus on use of latest, innovative and empathetic solutions to the challenge posed by leprosy and disability. While, our community development initiatives focus on expanding opportunities and building inclusive economies for persons from marginalized and vulnerable backgrounds with the aim of creating broadly shared prosperity.


Together with partners, we strive to catalyse and scale innovations, create unlikely partnerships that span sectors, and take risks others cannot – or will not.


Leprosy Control

Community Based Rehabilitation

Child Care